Benefits of IP PBX for Your Business

An IP PBX is a telephony system that has the same functions as a common but much more practical and economical system, containing features and technologies that can benefit the company’s results, allowing implementations and improvements simply by enabling them in the system in a simple way and practice.

We know that Home PABX Phone Systems centralizes the internal telephony (analog or digital), allowing the communication between internal telephones and external communication with the public telephony. The IP PBX uses data network for voice traffic over the IP network (Internet Protocol), supporting all the functionalities of a conventional PBX, in addition to a series of additional features.

Currently, cost reduction is the key point in choosing enterprise solutions, and in the case of an IP PBX it comes with several other advantages. For this reason, there has selected the some main benefits of this tool.


Reducing costs

With an IP PBX, the company simply connects telephone systems between the branches and is able to make free calls.

Through IP technology, it is possible to reduce maintenance – since the data network is used for voice transmission. In addition, an IP PBX enables the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) operators that have more affordable tariffs for using the data network to connect long distances, different from traditional ones.

Ease of network administration

Having all the company’s communication integrated into a single telephony data network, greatly facilitates telecom management. Therefore, with a good Home PABX Phone Systems, it is possible to facilitate the administration and operation of the network because it is only a single network for data and telephony. Any modification or problem can be diagnosed in real time, through management tools, both for telephony and for the data network.

Gain productivity

Through an IP PBX, automatic answering with a message increases the efficiency of customer service, providing benefits such as: overflowing of calls (forwarding the call to another extension when the main is busy), configurations of various functions via the interface which allows the administrator to save time with technical visits, as well as installing extensions on mobile phones and to keep connected with the company’s telephone system from anywhere. An IP PBX is able, without limitations, to consult and / or forward information to external software, integrating and automating existing routines, processes and registers.

Improvement in customer service

The IP PBX allows offering a quality service to the customer. In addition to the facilities that enable call waiting queues and waiting announcements, a good IP PBX makes it possible to implement the Audible Response Unit (URA), which answers the calls with a recording, allowing the caller to choose the department with which to speak, unlike the traditional PBX, from which, to implement the URA, it is necessary to acquire a new module.

Facilitated network administration

A company that works with IP PBX can integrate all its telephony extensions into a single data network, which greatly facilitates its administration.

Thus, if any problems occur on the network or at a specific extension, the organization can detect and correct them much faster, which avoid damage to business communication. In addition, you can add or remove extensions or IP phones connected to the PBX system, as needed.