Underpinning Method

Decision of Underpinning Method: The Tips

Underpinning is a technique for strengthening and repairing foundation of buildings. Underpinning techniques, processes and their uses in strengthening of many kinds of foundation is examined here.

There are some conditions where a malfunction happens in foundations or footings unexpectedly following the building of entire structure (all super and sub structures). Under these emergency situations, a remedial technique has to be used to recover the stability of structural.

Underpinning Method

The underpinning technique helps to make stronger the foundations of any existing structure or any different infrastructure. There involves system of short or long term supports for already existing foundations with the intention that more bearing and strength capacity is maintained. If an already built structure starts to feel some changes through any type of suffering, the selection of underpinning method can be according to observation.

If soil of foundation of a structure is too light to bear its load, Slab jacker can be inserted into the soil under the footings to enhance its capacity of load bearing. There chemical underpinning Melbourne or compression grouting is normally suggested. This system includes polyurethane resin of higher strength to make a solid underpin or a permanent structure that will shift load down to a more resistant foundations. Steel rod also can be installed in the soils to offer valuable resistance to support and movement. This system is used in conditions wherever:

  • Foundation soil is not strong enough to carry the existing structures and entire load – If soil of foundation has already in trouble, chemical underpinning is used efficiently in combination with Slab Jacks or Space Filling to offer a complete maintenance
  • Building more on an existing structure or adding load on will increase the weight placed on the present foundations
  • Soil of foundations is unbalanced and slipping downward
  • Soil of foundation is subject to shaking from construction procedures, heavy plants, traffic, or other vibration activities.