Is It Time to Replace Your Roof

Is It Time to Replace Your Roof? 5 Signs it May Be Overdue

We’ve all seen those aging roofs from the outside that have clearly seen better days. Shingles are curling up, missing or damaged. Moss is growing in places it shouldn’t. Interior water damage is becoming a problem. As homeowners, it’s easy to put off dealing with roof repairs or replacement as long as possible.

 But putting it off for too long can lead to bigger and more expensive problems down the road. Here are 5 key signs that it may be time to call in a roofing contractor to discuss replacing your roof.

Is It Time to Replace Your Roof

Granules are Wearing Away

Asphalt shingles are designed to protect the underlying roof deck from weathering. Granules or stones are embedded in the asphalt to provide protection from UV rays that can prematurely crack and fade the shingles. Over time, granules will inevitably wear away through normal weathering. When more than 1/3 of the shingle is exposed, it’s losing its protective function and replacement should be considered. A Residential Roofing Services pro can inspect your roof up close to determine granule loss.

Curling or Cupping of Shingles

Properly installed asphalt shingles should lie flat. If you notice significant curling, cupping or buckling, it’s a sign the asphalt is drying out and becoming brittle. Water can more easily seep in during heavy rains. Curling shingles are also prone to blowing off during high winds. Even if only a few shingles are affected, replacement may be needed soon to avoid further damage.

Missing, Broken or Loose Shingles

Storms, high winds or foot traffic over the years can cause damage to individual shingles. While isolated repairs are sometimes possible, if you notice several broken, missing or loose shingles it’s generally best to replace the entire roof. Damage leaves openings for water to penetrate, which can quickly spread beneath and cause mold or rot issues.

Evidence of Leaks or Water Damage

The surest sign that it’s time for a new roof is noticing water stains or damage inside your home. Take a careful look at your ceilings and look in your attic for water spots, mold growth, or signs of rot. Water may only be penetrating in a few isolated places now, but it’s just a matter of time before problems worsen if the source (your roof) isn’t addressed. An experienced roofing contractor will know where to look for indications of current or prior leaks.

Your Roof is Over 20 Years Old

An architecturally shingled asphalt roof will typically last 20-25 years with proper installation and when installed over a ventilated roof deck. After two decades of sun exposure, wind and weather wear, even aesthetically good-looking shingles can be nearing the end of their usable lifespan. Don’t let the appearance alone fool you – materials do eventually degrade from the inside out. Have your roof inspected if it was installed more than 20 winters ago.

Besides these physical signs, there are often telltale noises like wind whistling or loud rains that can indicate bigger problems are brewing overhead. Trust your intuition if something seems amiss. Don’t hesitate to contact a few residential roofing contractors for professional opinions to determine if replacement makes sense for your situation. 

Reputable companies offer quick and honest inspections and estimates. While replacement is an investment, renovating before a catastrophic roof failure occurs helps avoid more extensive water damage costs and repairs in the long run. With proper installation of high-quality materials, today’s roofs can be beautiful and built to withstand another 20 years of weather.


In summary, don’t delay necessary roof repairs or replacement once signs appear it’s nearing the end of its service life. Contact residential roofing services for a thorough inspection. Replacing a roof before leaks develop saves money and protects your home’s interior for years to come. 

With guidance from an experienced roofing contractor, choosing a durable new roofing system is an investment that protects both the resale value and comfort of your home. What signs do you see that make you wonder if it’s time for a roofing upgrade at your house? A pro can advise when replacement makes financial sense.

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