6 Reasons Why The AC Compressor Might Fail

6 Reasons Why The AC Compressor Might Fail

In an air conditioner, the compressor is the component that pumps the refrigerant throughout the AC unit and cools the air. The compressor is often an extremely long-lasting component with an expected lifetime of up to 15 years. However, it is possible that the component can malfunction due to some internal problems within the air conditioning system. In this post, we will look at six such reasons as to why the AC compressor might fail.

  1. Suction Lines Are Blocked

Sometimes, the refrigerant lines inside the AC unit can become blocked. As a consequence, the equipment will not cool the room properly. You will have to call for a professional HVAC maintenance by Stuart Pro in order to get the problem fixed. If you run the air conditioner while the suction lines are blocked, then the compressor will fail because of the high temperature and pressure.

6 Reasons Why The AC Compressor Might Fail

  1. Refrigerant Problems

When the refrigerant level becomes too low, then the compressor will have to strain itself to properly cool the rooms. And because of this excess stress, the component can fail. However, if there is too much refrigerant in the system, than that too is a problem. As such, only by maintaining an optimum level of refrigerant can you keep the compressor in good condition.

  1. Electrical Issues n

If there is an electrical failure inside the air conditioner, it can cause several types of acids to build up. And soon, these acids can end up causing severe damage to the compressor to the extent that you will have to replace the component. Most of the time, the electrical issue is caused due to some faulty wiring that triggers a short circuit. Checking the air conditioner should let you know whether there is any wiring problem or not.

  1. Not Enough Oil Lubricant

For the air conditioner to work properly, it must be lubricated with oil on a regular basis. The lubricant is essentially the blood of the unit, ensuring its smooth functioning. Without proper lubrication, all the components of the AC unit will start malfunctioning, including the compressor. So, make sure to check up on the oil pump and lubricant levels if you suspect that the compressor is not functioning properly.

  1. Improper Maintenance

If you keep cooling the rooms every day without doing regular cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioner, this can also cause the compressor to go bust. A lack of maintenance will cause the filters to become dirty, the pipes to break, and so on. All these things will affect the compressor by slowing the cooling process. The compressor will eventually get too hot and damage itself.

  1. No Insulation

A lack of insulation can also result in compressor failure. The insulation protects the compressor from the rays of the sun. But if you keep the compressor exposed to the sun for too long, then you will eventually wear out the insulation. As a consequence, the sunlight will cause the compressor to heat up quite significantly, forcing it to malfunction.