Baldwin Door Knobs: Models and Tips on How to Choose!

Baldwin Door Knobs: Models and Tips on How to Choose!

Do you know details of Balwin door hardware that make the whole difference? And one of those details, and what we’re going to talk about, is the Baldwin door knobs.

Yes, the knobs make a lot of difference in the look of the door, and each model is ideal for a type of door, and in the style you intend to move to the home decor. Door knobs can also vary in style, and can be used on both internal and external doors.

And if you need a little help to choose door knobs, today the post brings model tips and which ones are indicated for each case and style. So before you go to the store, be sure to read the post to buy the right Balwin door hardware for each door.

Balwin door knob models

Curved – The curved door knob models are very common and ideal for those looking for a look of movement and modernity for the door.

Between these types of knob, the curvature can be concave and simple, or even have the curl detail, which gives an additional effect to the door opening accessory.

Tubular – These style door knobs are named after their style.

In this type of knob, the accessory is made through tubes, which can follow a series of square tubes (cube style) or round, as if they were rounded pipes.

Stainless steel – The base material on which the door knobs are made may vary, and a much-used option is the stainless steel models.

The metallic material brings a more current proposal for doors and even being modern and following a same decorative line.

In wood – The variety of materials that the door knobs can be made quite differentiates the design and style of the accessory, and among these possibilities are the wooden handles.