Luxury vs Standard Rentals

Luxury vs Standard Rentals in LA – A Closer Look at the Pros and Cons

The Los Angeles rental market offers a wide variety of options to choose from, but one of the first major decisions is often whether to go with a luxury apartment or a more standard rental. Both have tangible benefits that appeal to different lifestyle needs and budgets. Let’s take a deeper look at how these two categories compare.

Luxury vs Standard Rentals


Location is king in the real estate world, and luxury complexes tend to have prime locations that allow easy access to everywhere you need to be. They’re usually situated near major employment centers, public transit lines, attractions, and amenities for maximum convenience. Renters are willing to pay extra for the luxury of minimal commutes from places like Century City, Santa Monica, West Hollywood or Downtown LA.

Standard apartments save money on rent by trading off a bit on ideal locations further from the action. However, Los Angeles’ transportation infrastructure means most areas are still relatively well-connected if you don’t mind a 10-20 minute subway or bus ride into hotspots occasionally. It often balances out financially versus luxury rates long term.

Unit Features

Luxury units deliver resort-inspired living through architectural design, fixtures and technology. Past marble and hardwood styles, amenities now include smart home capabilities, rain showerheads, mirrored gym/yoga rooms, and entertainment lounges. One property like The Atlas House is known for its In-home washers/dryers and fully equipped gourmet kitchens pampering even the most discerning chef.

Standard units are more cookie-cutter with simpler tile backsplashes and appliances. But core features like bedrooms, modern appliances and in-unit laundry still provide comfortable essentials for most lifestyles at lower monthly costs. The savings allow funds for occasional restaurant meals or services instead of absorbing everything into ever-increasing luxury rents.

Community Areas

Luxury rentals offer resort-caliber pools, private cabanas, lush courtyards, television lounges, game rooms, and outdoor grilling stations ideal for hosting events or relaxing. Residents of a place like Atlas House gain access to sweeping skyline views, spa-quality pools and sophisticated clubroom spaces to socialize, work remotely or dine outdoors with friends anytime.

Standard buildings still provide shared amenities, just on a smaller scale like a pool, BBQ grill and compact gym/yoga studio or lounge. But monthly maintenance dues are significantly lower without subsidizing lavish community elements for all tenants. The savings can offset membership costs to third party coworking spaces, boutique fitness studios or clubs instead.

Rental Costs

Luxury apartment rents can feel difficult to digest with their premium price tags sometimes double or triple units in standard communities nearby. However, expenses may balance long term by shifting expected utility bills for water, electricity, gas, internet/cable and sometimes garbage collection into bundled luxury rents.

Standard units let renters pay each utility separately, appearing more affordable up front. But hidden maintenance charges and bills add up over time, rarely including amenities like on-site cleaning or repairs folded into luxury management fees. Residents must budget and self-maintain everything independently.

In the end, choosing luxury vs. standard depends strongly on priorities, budget and lifestyle. Both provide respectable options for LA living when matching needs versus long term financial impacts. Research selected communities thoroughly to identify the best fit.