Upgrading To An Insulated Garage Door Has Paid For Itself Already

Our old garage door was the typical thin steel panels that came with the house. It had served us well for 15+ years but was showing its age. So when we decided it was time for an upgrade, I wanted to get one with extra insulation for year-round energy efficiency. My wife thought it seemed like an unnecessary added cost at first.

Warmth And Comfort Year-Round

The new door installed by Garage Door Replacement Laurel has insulating polystyrene panels that are twice as thick as a standard door. It makes such a difference in thermal insulation. Previously, our garage would be freezing cold in the winter and sweltering hot in the summer. Now the temperature inside stays much more comfortable no matter the season.

Keeping The Cold Out And Heat In

We’ve had several stretches of below freezing temperatures this winter already. Yet inside the garage, it’s been a toasty 45-50 degrees – perfect for working out there comfortably without layers of bundling up. In the summer too, it remains 15-20 degrees cooler thanks to blocking that radiant heat transfer through the walls.

I’m convinced the extra upfront cost of the insulated door is saving dramatically on home energy usage. Our HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to offset temperature extremes in the garage all year long anymore.

Causing Energy Savings Throughout The Home

Not only is it benefiting the garage, but our entire home HVAC as well. Because temperature swings in the garage aren’t transferring through shared walls into the rest of the house like before. That means the furnace and air conditioner can run more efficiently overall.

While it’s impossible to calculate dollar-for-dollar savings, paying a bit extra for the insulated door upfront seems like a no-brainer investment compared to perpetually higher utility bills from an uninsulated one year after year. I think the new door’s benefits in energy efficiency alone have already recouped that added expense many times over.

If I had been less skeptical like my wife, I would have opted for insulated from the get-go. But I’m glad we upgraded when we did thanks to the pros at ‘Garage Door Replacement Laurel’. The benefits to comfort and energy savings have far outweighed any initial additional cost. It’s proven to be a simple way to reduce energy usage throughout our entire home.