How to Seal Garage Door Sides

The side of the garage door is one of the weakest points of entry and should be sealed properly to keep out drafts, dust, and pests. Luckily, you can take several easy steps to ensure your sides are well-sealed. 

How to Seal Garage Door Sides

Start by ensuring that the door is shut properly; if it’s not, the seal won’t be as effective. Next, inspect the weatherstripping and replace any that is worn or damaged. If your door doesn’t have weatherstripping, consider adding some to increase insulation and help keep out drafts. 

Finally, you may want to invest in a door sweep. These are designed to fit the bottom of your garage door and provide an extra layer of protection. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can also apply caulk or foam insulation around the sides of the door for maximum security. 

These simple steps allow you to keep your garage well-sealed and insulated all year round. With a little effort, you can ensure your garage is as secure and comfortable as possible. 

You can also consider hiring a professional garage door repair Hampton Roads contractor to install a garage door seal kit. This will provide the highest level of protection and ensure that your garage is as durable as possible. With the right seal kit, you can rest assured that your garage will stay secure in all weather conditions. 

Choosing the right garage door repair Virginia Beach technician for the job is key. Make sure your contractor has experience installing garage door seals and a good customer service record. Researching the company beforehand can help you ensure that your garage is in the best hands.

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