It is important to wire the garage door sensors safely and perfectly. The door can reverse automatically if there is a problem with the wires, which is dangerous.

So, how to wire garage door sensors?


Wiring garage door sensors

Quick Connect Plug-In Terminals

  • Two wires run through each sensor, one white with a black stripe and one white with a solid white wire. Remove 7/16 inches of insulation from each sensor’s two wires.
  • Connect both white-with-black-stripe wires of the sensors.
  • Then, You will need to twist together the two white, solid wires that come from both sensors.
  • To the white terminal of the motor unit, connect the two solid white wires as well as the gray terminal.

Using pre-existing wires to connect quick-connect terminals

  • The insulation on both white-with-black-stripe wires should be removed by seven-sixteenths of an inch.
  • Every white wire with a black stripe and solid white wire with a black stripe should be stripped of 7/16 inches of insulation.
  • By splicing a colored wire into the solid-white wire, connect it to the motor unit’s white terminal below its grey terminal.

Openers with Screw Terminals

  • Both solid-white and white-with-black-stripe wires must be insulated 7/16 inches.
  • Then, Both white wires from the sensors should be twisted together.
  • Connect both solid-white sensors together by twisting them together.
  • Attach the two white-with-black-stripe wires to the motor unit’s screw terminal 3.
  • Connect the two solid-white wires to the screw terminal 2 of the motor unit.

Screw Terminals Using Pre-Existing Wires

  • In both sensors, remove 7/16 inches of insulation from the white wires with black stripes and the solid white wires.
  • To connect to motor unit screw terminal 3, splice whatever color wire you want to the white-with-black-stripe wire.
  • Splice any color wire to the solid-white wire and connect it to terminal 2 of the motor unit.
  • Use electrical tape or wire caps to protect each wire splice.

That’s it.

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