Home and Clean It with Handy

Use Handy to Resolve Your Clutter-Related Stress

Handy can help mediate your cleaning anxiety. For some, there’s no greater stress than the pile of dishes waiting to be cleaned or the never-ending pile of laundry waiting by your washing machine. Anxiety and depression related to clutter are in fact interrelated. Clutter in itself can have many negative effects on your zen. That’s why hiring regular and reliable help can have a skyrocketing positive impact on level of happiness. In a convenience-focused world, there’s no better way to keep track of the state of your home’s cleanliness by hiring professional help through the Handy app. It only takes a few clicks to schedule your cleaning professional to sweep your floors and organize your kitchen cabinets.

This is truly the best solution to your clutter nightmares. Clutter has a slew of negative results, some of them being its overstimulation of our senses. The sight and touch of clutter surrounding your environment results in unnecessary stimuli that can distract you from getting things done in an efficient manner. You’ll find that it becomes more difficult to relax when you find yourself surrounded by loads of piles. Not to mention you’ll become frustrated when you can’t find essential items such as your keys and wallet.

Women are more affected by clutter than men. Especially when children are involved, toys tend to migrate in every room. That’s why letting a Handy expert take care of cleaning your home while you’re at work can ensure your peace of mind. Also, you can be guilt-free by taking the time to focus on leisure activities instead of cleaning up the house.

While Handy can most definitely help with organizing your household items, there may be a larger root cause to your clutter issues: Too much stuff. Sure, you can hide your non-essential items in boxes and storage units but this doesn’t fully mitigate the issue. You need to purge those pieces of clothing that you never wear or items that are shoved away in the dark corners of your house. Simplify your home by taking the minimalist route. Pair this new lifestyle with the frequent up-keeping of your space and you’ll become a brand new you!