Effective Way To Make Blinds Brighter

Venetian blinds are one of the most important parts of any building. Their style, shape and material varies from older versions that are made up of metal or plastic to recently adopted models composed of modern wooden versions. However, a problem is common in both of the materials that are they attract dust and require regular dusting and cleaning. As far as dusting is concerned it can be performed easily of such blinds yet cleaning them requires a lot of effort and is a tricky this article, a few methods are proposed to facilitate you in cleaning.


How to Clean Venetian Blinds

  • Instead of starting vaguely, it is advised you should check for the problem spots that need more cleaning effort. Wipe off all the stains and sticky areas for this purpose window spray cleaner is quite helpful. Once you have applied the solution wipe these vents with dry paper towels. Make sure to tie all the curtains of soft furnishing before this act.
  • Now shut the vents and try to search for a cotton glove. If you have clothes dryer sheet or dust attracting gloves then these will also work absolutely fine. Yet if you have kitchen towel it will also work fine yet you have to replace it after a few wipes.
  • It is better to keep the gloves clean and dry during the process. Dirty gloves will leave streaks on the material. For cleaning plastic and metallic slats, it’s better to use a slightly dampened glove. Before using any cleaning spray checks its suitability on the material you are applying it.
  • As a last step run your fingers all over the vents to make it sure that there ain’t any dust particle remaining. The vents must also be free from any streaks. Now close the vent in opposite direction and follow the same steps.

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