The Correlation Between Home Cleanliness and Personal Prosperity

Have you ever thought that maybe the annual spring clean up is more important than you’ve ever imagined? And I’m not saying that it is important for you, but for your kids! A recent study commissioned by Pure Blue Cleaners London found a straight correlation between a well-maintained, organized and clean dwelling and the career and educational development of the offspring grown there.

The research, titled “As Ye Sweep, So Shall Ye Reap”, was conducted by a team of professors and researchers for a period of three decades, starting in 1968 and completed in 1996. Many years have passed since then, but the numbers and the conclusions apply today. Back in 1968 more than 5,000 families from all over the country were asked to assess the level of cleanliness of their homes. Then the surveyors compared the results with the educational achievement in 1993 of the kids who lived in these homes. They also took into account their average hourly earnings from 1994 to 1996.

Factors like the education of the parents, urban vs. rural settings, wealth and outside cleaning help, has also been taken into consideration, and still the findings were staggering. The kids who were reared in not-so-clean homes, earned $12.60 per hour and completed 12 years of schooling. Those who lived in very clean and organized homes earned $14.70 per hour and completed 13.6 years of schooling.

The main conclusion we can make while watching these numbers is that there is a strong correlation between the living environment and success in life. It turns out that non-cognitive factors like organizational habits, personal hygiene and the cleanliness of the house you dwell can help you predict, or even determine the educational and financial development of a child. The cleaner the house – the more successful the kid!