Assembly Tips for IKEA Furniture

IKEA offers modern and sleek furniture at an affordable price. However, assembling IKEA’s furniture with the help of black and white diagrams they provide can be difficult at times. You can use a professional IKEA furniture assembly service in NYC. However, if you have decided to venture and do it yourself, here are some tips to help you achieve the task.


Opening the Box

Opening the box seems very easy. But still, there are some points you should be careful about. Do not use a knife to open the box. Instead, use scissors so that you do not accidently scratch your new furniture. And before moving the box out of the way, make sure that you have taken all the accessories and manuals out of the box.

Assemble in a Well-lit Area

Lighting conditions do matter. Always assemble your furniture in a well-lit area.

Use Appropriate Tools

Use appropriate tools. You do not need many tools to assemble IKEA furniture. Usually, a screwdriver and a wrench are enough to do the job. However, the tools you use must be of good quality and appropriate size so that you do not have to reset your grip repeatedly during the assembly procedure.

Keep Close Attention to the Instructions Manual

Carefully match pieces with the IKEA’s instructions manual. Sometimes, the pieces are quite similar. Keep this in mind and do not attach wrong pieces in the wrong places. Otherwise, you will need to detach them and it will waste your time and energy. Also, pay attention to the right sides of the pieces. A rough or unpainted side is most probably going towards an area that will not be seen, like the underside of the furniture. Remember, if you are busy and cannot spare enough time for furniture, it is the best idea to ask a professional assembly and delivery service to do the job for you.