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Make A Visual Inspection Before Buying A Property

Before buying a property, new or old, it is advisable to get a visual inspection by home inspector and, depending on the situation, to submit to practical tests of performance. There are a number of tips and places that usually present problems.

Real estate

Cracks – Look at the walls and see if there are cracks. They can appear on the outside as well as inside and also on the ceilings. The painting is marked, creating a kind of shadow. The paint does not cover. The crack causes water to enter and consequently grease the paint.

Floor trim – Kitchens, service areas and especially toilets should have a 1% trim towards the collectors. See if there are no cracks around the drain. Take a water test.

Slabs – Observe if the slab is trimmed and the water catchers are secured. The water cannot be covered. Check the conditions of the casings and gutters and if there are cracks. The crack causes water to enter and consequently grease the paint and damages the plaster / frames on the inner side of the house, which can also affect the electrical part. Take a water test.

Water Box – See if access is easy and there are no signs of humidity. Also check for cracks and water tank cover conditions.

Outside Area – Corridors should not have trim to the walls. This prevents washing water from draining to the wall and infiltrating the baseboard.

Gardens – Check that the currency wall has been waterproofed.

Sill- It should not be level. The trim should be out.

Frames – They should be well sealed with sealants.

Brick masonry – Observe if the bricks have been treated. Throw in some water and see if there is any absorption.

Look for a home inspection service for a quality inspection.