Using Zipscreens At Home

Benefits of Using Zipscreens At Home

With a wide variety of products, fabrics and colors, outdoor blinds allow you to compose, complete and transform spaces, adapting perfectly in any environment. We have selected the top benefits of using zipscreen blinds:

Using Zipscreens At Home

Add modernity

In addition to the obvious benefits, blinds provide an elegant and differentiated transformation when attached to a space. You still have the option of coordinating the colors of the fabrics with the furniture and walls of the house, creating an even more exquisite decoration.

Defining outdoor areas

An outdoor space with shade and protection from the elements can transform an environment. Solutions such as blind screens and retractable covers transform balconies and decks into external rooms, making the areas protected and allowing to use an elegant decoration with more comfort.

Raise the outdoor season

Using these solutions allows outdoor spaces to be used at any time of the year, helping you enjoy your outdoor environments for long periods of time. Retractable blinds are perfect: during high daytime temperatures can be extended and, in colder periods, retracted to allow the heat of the sun to flood the spaces.

Promoting economics

One of the most interesting aspects of protection is in relation to economics. The solar protection systems allow reducing energy costs significantly. In addition, the decoration, objects and accessories are protected from damage caused by the sun.


The feeling of comfort is unique. Taking advantage of all the spaces of the house regardless of the weather is very important. Using our covers allows outdoor areas to be enjoyed at any time with the certainty of warmth and protection against harmful UV rays.

Energy saving

Outdoor blinds offer several benefits and one of them is energy saving, through the control of heat and light that reaches the environment. Solar screens save energy throughout the year because in summer they significantly reduce the level of heat that enters the environment and in winter they prevent their loss.