Retro Elements into Your Kitchen Remodel

Vintage Vibes: Incorporating Retro Elements into Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular home improvement projects in Seattle. While many homeowners opt for a sleek, contemporary style, others prefer to incorporate vintage touches that nod to past eras. Adding retro design elements is a great way to give your new Seattle kitchen remodelling upgrade a unique, character-filled aesthetic.

Retro Elements into Your Kitchen Remodel

Vintage Color Schemes

Vintage-inspired color schemes tend to use pastel hues like mint green, pale yellow, or soft pink. To give your remodeled kitchen a retro vibe, consider painting the walls robin’s egg blue or sunny yellow. For cabinetry, try a two-tone approach with pale blue uppers and crisp white lowers. Don’t be afraid to mix and match complementary colors to achieve a cheerful, eclectic look. Black and white checkerboard tile floors or existent linoleum in pastel hues also channels a retro diner aesthetic.

Retro Appliances

Swap out today’s sleek stainless steel appliances for bold, retro appliance silhouettes. Options include:

  • Rounded refrigerator styles reminiscent of the 1950s
  • Stand mixers or toasters in candy-colored hues like bright red, sunny yellow, robin’s egg blue or seafoam green
  • Vintage-style ranges with curved profiles and retro knobs and hardware

Mixing old and new appliances can achieve an eclectic, fun look. Accent with kitschy novelty appliances like a retro coffee maker, toaster or blender.

Novelty Decor

Don’t be afraid to accessorize your remodeled Seattle kitchen with playful novelty items that channel the 1950s and 1960s. Ideas include:

  • Vintage-style canister sets
  • Atomic Starburst clocks
  • Retro kitchen signage like “Home Sweet Home”
  • Pastel barware and glassware
  • Checkerboard contact paper inside drawers or open shelving

Layer in ceramic diner-style mugs, retro laminate placemats, sunflower accents, and other quirky accessories.

Diner Details

Bringing in design details reminiscent of 1950s diners is an easy way to establish vintage character within a kitchen remodel. Consider incorporating elements like:

  • A checkered tile floor
  • Chrome barstools with vinyl or leather upholstery
  • A mini jukebox
  • Cafe curtains in a retro fabric
  • Exposed brick wall surfaces
  • A retro bubble lamp over the sink or dining area

Don’t be afraid to fully embrace the nostalgic Americana vibe with pops of red, white and chrome throughout.

Salvaged Materials

Sourcing and installing salvaged materials is an eco-friendly approach that also brings heaps of vintage charm. Ideas include:

  • An antique kitchen island made from reclaimed wood
  • Vintage cabinetry pieces like glass-front uppers installed as display shelving
  • A porcelain farmhouse sink
  • Recycled glass bottles used as pendant lights
  • Barn wood plank walls or open shelving

Mixing modern elements with salvaged goods brings an elegant, well-loved aesthetic.


Don’t overlook the power of typography for imbuing vintage personality. Incorporate lettering and signage like:

  • A “Coffee & Tea” wall stencil above open mug shelves
  • A large wall decal spelling “EAT”
  • Custom placards labeling glass jars filled with bulk baking ingredients

Consider using classic fonts like Times New Roman and hand-painted styles for that nostalgic soda shop essence.


Soft textiles like curtains, throws, tea towels and rugs hold major potential for amplifying retro charm within a remodeled Seattle kitchen. Ideas include:

  • Gingham or polka dot café curtains
  • Vintage tablecloths as accent curtains or chair cushions
  • Plush chenille or decorative crochet throws
  • Kitschy tea towels hung from the oven or fridge handles
  • Braided wool rugs
  • Table runners or placemats from recycled feed sacks

With the right balance of colors, patterns and textures, textiles can create a cozy, character-filled space.

Incorporating vintage elements into your Seattle kitchen remodel requires creativity and boldness. By thoughtfully blending retro colors, novelty accessories, salvaged goods and nostalgic materials throughout your kitchen design, you can achieve a warm, lived-in style brimming with playful personality. The final effect pays homage to the past while still feeling fresh and utterly unique.