Home Fire Protection

Though it is quite a rare case that a home apartment caught fire as most of these cases are observed in factories and shops where some flammable things are manufactured. However, there are many chances that a small apartment caught fire. There might be several reasons for the fire like either a short circuit, some gas stove left open or a smoked cigarette. So every home must have a fire safety equipment to minimize the problem that arises during an emergency situation. As per the records near about 3000 people die each year in the United States due to fire. So, a few fire safety equipment that you can deploy in your house are mentioned below


Wet Fire Sprinkler

This is the most widely used systems in houses. The system is quite simple and requires only a few equipment. All you need is a sprinkler some alarms and a buzzer. Every wet sprinkler system is programmed to sense temperature; normal temperature is fed to the microprocessor. As the temperature, a particular room or apartment arises the predefined values the sprinkler starts to spray pressurized water in every direction.


Dry Pipe Systems

If you are living in the area where the temperature remains below 0 degrees then wet fire sprinkler will be of no use. Besides this system can be easily deployed as it doesn’t require storage tank for storing water. Water is only allowed to flow through the pipes in an alarming situation. The perk of this system is that it can be deployed where there is a chance that items may get damaged by water. In such, a cases pressurized nitrogen or oxygen is fed. An example of this scenario is an electronic shop or a library.

In addition to this measure, one must store a bucket of sand in a house along with a fire extinguisher. Besides, this proper care must be taken while dealing with fire materials.