Finding Out if Your Trees Could Be Hazardous

Well, we live in a planet where everything can happen any time prior to letting us know. Deadly hurricane and storms can come anytime and cause a lot of destruction. So, it’s better that we should take some severe steps to always be ready for any natural disaster. If you live in a woody place and have lots of trees on your way to home, then trees can lead to a huge damage and you must be well aware of it. Keeping this in mind, we have made some important tips that can help make your trees less devastating.

It’s not that we are against trees but trying to let you know how you can avoid the damage caused by these falling trees whenever a heavy storm hits. Trees increase curbside appeal, enrich environment, produce oxygen, clean soil and reduce noise pollution. But infested, diseased or defective trees can cause a great damage to property and people as well. That’s why preventative measurements should be taken before the storm hits.

Following are some easy ways to identify any defective trees in your yard;

Dead Wood

The term isn’t supposed to be alarming but can lead to deadly outcomes if not given any proper attention. Dead wood is generally soft, brittle and can’t bend in the gusty wind or under the heavy weight of snow or ice, but is totally unpredictable and affected branches can fall and break at any time.

How to recognize Deadwood?

It’s quite easy and anyone with a little tree knowledge can easily identify deadwood. If you encounter a tree whose certain branches are leafless and some are appearing green and thriving, it’s a sing of dead wood. Similarly, in the fall season if you see dead leaves changing its colour to green instead of failing, it’s also a sign of deadwood. Shelf fungus, sprouting mushrooms and big wood conchs indicate that a large part of tree is now dead.

Tree Splits and Cracks

Cracks or splits occur for a number of reasons and Cold Temperature is the main culprit. These cracks arise when the outer and inner wood contract and expand as the temperature varies.

How to recognize Cracks & Splits?

If you see a couple of vertical cracks on a tree, it could be a sign of Root Breakage that is really hazardous. You can also observe cracks on the ground which can be fixed with the help of any professional arborist.  

Tree Borers

These are little but dangerous creatures that nest inside a tree, making it empty inside. These insects include clearwing moths or beetles. These fervent pests can weaken tree by crippling branches.

How to identify Tree Borers?

Tiny holes are the most common sign of presence of these creepy miscreants.  The holes could either be oblong or symmetrical in shape. Sometime these tiny borers produce a weird substance called Frass that could be seen falling on the branches.

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