How Do Trees Contribute to the Environment?

It goes without saying that trees play a vital role preserving our environment. But those who sell timber don’t really know the real value of trees. There’re numerous benefits of trees that are worth sharing. Keeping this in mind, we are up with a blog post covering some amazing benefits of trees to promote the awareness of preserving trees. Let’s have a peek at them;

Combat Climate Change

That’s probably one of the biggest benefits of trees. They play a key role maintaining a balance in our environment. Excess CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is a great threat to our environment that’s getting higher with the moving time. But it is only trees that can help deteriorate climate change because they absorb carbon dioxide largely and release oxygen in return, which is essential for all of us and other living creatures. Did you know that? An acre of highly dense, mature trees can absorb a huge amount of carbon dioxide that’s equivalent to the CO2 produced by a car to cover a whopping 26,000 miles long distant.

Clean Air

Trees are also called the green lungs of our planet because they absorb pollutant gases such as ammonia, nitrogen oxides, ozone and sulfur dioxide. They filter air and absorb dirt and other unhealthy stuff using their leaves. You would be surprised to know that urban trees save an average of One Life every year Per City, thanks to their ability to filter air. A new study found that people who live in treeless areas have greater chances to get heart diseases and other respiratory illnesses than those who live in woody areas. So, it’s everyone’s responsibility to take some stringent steps to save trees, in others words save our planet.

Cool the Environment

Trees can cool your streets and town by up to 10°F by shading our streets and homes. The greater the amount of trees, the lower the overall temperature. If you live in a hot place and want to reduce the hotness, consider planting trees that won’t only help make your dwelling cool but also will contribute a lot saving our planet.

Save Water

The shade trees provide slows down the process of water evaporation, ultimatelty conserving water sources.  Most trees need only 15 gallons of water to keep working for a weak. Since trees transpire, they boost Atmospheric Moisture.

Increase Property Value

We all by nature like greenery and prefer investing in those properties that are full of trees. Not only do they increase the property’s value, but also maintain a balance in the environment. If you are also looking for ways that can really enhance your property’s value, growing more trees could do the wonders.

Conserve Energy

Only three trees that are placed professionally around a home can reduce air conditioning needs by up to 50%. This way you can save a lot of energy and money as well. By cutting down energy demand, we reduce pollution emissions to a great extent.