Why you need a Professional Miami FL Arborist

Upon searching “tree work gone wrong” on YouTube, many videos of unprofessional work done by incompetent tree crews (several Miami, Florida homeowners too) will appear and the end results is severe havoc and injury. Even though it might feel good viewing and laughing at the foolishness or view with surprise as a person ignorantly damages a whole garage and other property, it’s vital to get insights from these videos and always engage a professional arborist to perform your tree work.

An Arborist

A person who has specialized in the care of trees, tree art and science is called an Arborist. They are informed and skilled in trees care and health. Companies such as miami tree service experts are consequently often aware of the latest arboriculture methods, plant attacks, and diseases and cure methods. Well cared trees in and around the Miami FL area are nice and attractive but neglected trees can be a bother.

Untrained Arborists

Now that we are in tough financial times, uncertified people are exploiting home owners by giving them sub-standard tree care services. Methods used by these companies and people are climbing spikes, topping of trees and house to house advertisements. Tree topping affects a tree’s pattern of growth; it brings lifelong structural and wellbeing complications. A tree’s circulation system may be affected by climbing spikes, death might also occur.


The care of trees is among the most risky jobs. It needs to be performed without shortcuts otherwise accidents may occur. Always engage the services of a trained and insured arborist to care for your trees. If the arborist is not insured, the homeowner may end up paying for harm, loss of lives or damage that may happen out of negligence.

Certified services

Do a good research on the person or company you are about to hire. Enquire on their insurance and licenses. International Society of Arboriculture website has a “Verify a Credential” link that can be used to gather basic information about the arborist’s Miami Location, License ID and Name. ISA is very resourceful in gathering information about the credibility of an arborist. Safeguard your trees, yourself and assets from havoc brought about by quack arborists.

Health Care

To maintain a good structure and health for your trees, give them good maintenance and preventive care. Good care will aid the tree safeguard itself from attacks, ailments and complications brought by its surroundings; this is crucial in town areas.

 Arborists recommend:

  • Fertilization
  • Seasonal irrigation
  • Curative pruning
  • Added support for feeble branches
  • Airing of roots to improve their growth
  • Vaccination procedure to eradicate pests and ailments
  • Precautionary safety and wellness review.


Only arborists can advice on the correct ways of planting trees. If a tree is planted in the wrong place, there is a possibility it will be affected by; pests, restricted growing space, ailments and deprived development. Massive planting of trees calls for use of the right tools and knowledge. Miami Arborist licensed by ISA should give you advice on tree care and how deep they should be planted so as to rip the best out of the venture.