What is Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting is an increasing trend for many homeowner wishing to illuminate their homes during the night time. Landscape lighting is much better referred to as “painting with light” and is about beautifying all that is natural or man-made in a landscaped setting around the house. Landscape lighting is no longer a high-end item for the average high-end neighborhood. Due to the recent developments in low voltage landscape lights cost have decreased in recent years. Even getting a professional system installed is much cheaper then what it used to be.

The most effective way to use landscape lighting is when it is limited or in subtle ways. If created properly it can be an extension of your house decoration and can extend using outdoor spaces to the house while supplying security. It can also be most efficient in hiding undesirable features such as trash cans or compost bins.

Landscape lighting is used to bring scrubs and trees to life during the night and extenuate features around your house that are not obvious or not visible during the day time. If used correctly low level lighting can be utilized to light up pathways and stairs for safety and security. Landscape lighting also allows you to enjoy your garden and outside features of your house after the sun has set.



Landscape lighting is one of the very best security systems you can install. Landscape lighting can be used as a deterrent to domestic criminal and wild animals. Proper proportions of landscape lighting surrounding your house, has actually been shown to decrease crimes by as much as fifty percent. Landscape lighting has 2 excellent usages to help in the security of your home. The lighting can deter possible burglars to avoid trespassing on to your home or business. If the light does not deter them, the brightened areas will likewise make it possible for you, a camera, or your neighbor’s to see any trespassers as they trespass.


Not simply for Gardens

Landscape lighting brings your garden and outside features to life at night time, exterior or feature lighting to the outside of your home need to also be thought about. Why not extend the landscape lighting to the exterior surface areas of the house as well? Narrow beamed lighting that highlights sharp functions and large angled flood lighting to brighten up flat surface areas are chosen. Low voltage landscape lighting is easy to set up even if you’ve never ever done any electrical installations prior to.

When the design of the landscape has been established, it is very essential to plan the placement of your landscape lighting. Landscape lighting design is extremely comparable to the style of the interior design.

How to get low voltage landscape lighting for your home?

The best method to obtain a professional outcome is always to work with an expert landscape lighting designer. Lighting design is an art type and outside lighting designers, such as Miami landscape lighting designer Magda Colodetti at EOS Outdoor Lighting, know the methods and have the skill to create a lighting style strategy that will draw out the best for your property.


The difference with a professional is the process and completion results. EOS Outdoor Lighting, based in Miami Florida, is an excellent example of the expert difference. They approach each job with a process to accomplish the objectives of that project. Even taking it a step above other outside lighting businesses and producing comprehensive lighting style plans to guarantee the end result is as wanted or much better. This procedure they utilize and their extraordinary skill has produces incredible results for property owners and companies throughout the South Florida area.

Do not be fooled by the DIY house shows that make you believe it is as simple as purchasing some lights and placing them around your landscape. That’s like believing painting a work of art is as simple as getting some paint and putting it on a canvas. Naturally, budget is a limiting aspect for some and you might need or wish to try it yourself. Just do not anticipate the very same outcomes as an expert outside lighting designer.

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