The Don’ts in Crawlspace Repair

If you are planning to install a sealed and conditioned crawl space then you are heading in the right direction. The thing to be considered here is how to get the things done. Several crawl space repair companies offer the same solution for the various problems which leads to inefficient processes. As every crawl space possess its own unique features in terms of sizes, shapes and pattern. So they have various problems in terms of dampness, odor, and moisture in every situation.


As a homeowner, you must be having some preset goals in your mind whenever you plan to repair or improve the conditions of your crawl space. These include air quality, humidity control, and most important energy efficiency. So before trying to introduce any situation you must take into account various factors like the climate, your surroundings and then decide for a unique solution of your very own house. A sound crawl space will improve the health and energy efficiency of your home.

Keep a thing in mind that in terms of crawl space one size fits all won’t ever work. There are some factors that several people prefer to install yet it is observed that these don’t work at all. These are mentioned below

  • Adding more foundation to vents

Most people are of the notion that more foundations result in adding more space for drying. Such an improvement is not believed to be working with great efficiency.

  • Insulating with fiberglass

The fiberglass can easily absorb moisture from air however, this solution is an outdated one. Yet it has the draw back the moisture gets trapped and can damage the wooden layer underneath.

  • Venting dryer into crawlspace

If you perform this kind of act with your crawl space then you are surely damaging it to a greater extent. As it will pumps gallons of water into the system.