How to Choose The Best Hedge Trimmer?

To make your house garden look clean and beautiful the necessity of a hedge trimmer is paramount. While looking for the best hedge trimmer it is overriding to know the facts and reviews about the product that you are going to purchase.

Hedge trimmer review is available on different types of websites. As trimming and cleaning the trees and bushes is a hard job to do with bare hands and shears, you will find yourself wasting a lot of energy and time while doing so. If you have perceived the necessity of a hedge trimmer, here are some main and important factors that you should consider before buying such products.


  1. Contemplate or Survey your Backyard:

The first and most important thing that you have to consider is to take a closer look on your garden or backyard and do a survey of the necessary requirements. You have to find out the type of hedge that will be suitable for the garden and height and thickness of the hedge with the accessibility and the size of the yard. These factors play an important role in determining the suitable hedge trimmer for the garden or yard.

  1. Type of Hedge Trimmer:

There are mainly 4 types of hedge trimmer. They are-

  1. Battery Hedge Trimmer
  2. Electric Hedge Trimmer
  3. Petrol Driven Hedge Trimmer
  4. Gas Hedge Trimmer

The electrical hedge is the cheapest and smallest among the three types. They are widely used in UK. They can be operated by simply connecting with the household electric connection. Battery types hedge trimmer are quieter than the other two. It is most suitable for the noise sensitive area. DEWALT hedge trimmer 20v is one of the most powerful battery type portable hedge trimmers where a 20v 5Ah lithium-ion battery pack is used. The petrol driven hedge trimmer offers more power generation than the other two. The only drawback of this type is that it makes a lot of sound. Gas hedge trimmer is the most expensive and powerful one. Black and Decker 20v hedge trimmer is the most reviewed gas hedge trimmer.

  1. Cable Length:

While buying an electric type hedge trimmer consideration should be given on the length of the trimmer from your household power source. The need for an extension should also be taken in to account.

  1. Type of Blade and Quality:

Cheap hedge trimmer provides standard machine operated steel blade while the expensive one gives a better cutting option providing a laser integrated cutting device. This makes them much sharper and better than the cheaper hedge trimmer. As the term how to use hedge trimmer more efficiently and smoothly with having a laser integrated cutting device can only be understood with the experience and understanding of the tools.

  1. Cost:

A corded and lightweight hedge trimmer costs at least $30 dollar for the greater convenience and high power. When adding in the convenience and cordless feature a user has to jump around 60-80 dollar per hedge trimmer. The gas hedge trimmer is most expensive one which costs around 250-500 US dollars.

  1. Maintenance:

No matter what type of trimmer you buy, it is mandatory to do the maintenance of the trimmer after a certain period. A user has to follow and find the meaning of the term how to use hedge trimmer from the manufacturer’s instructions or manuals. For all types of the trimmer, a user has to keep an eye on the blade and its sharpness in any kind of situation. The maintenance is more with the cheapest one, which becomes a headache for the user afterward.