Texas and Florida Facing Home Rebuilding Challenge After Hurricane Harvey

The last vestiges of the storm that left several people dead or disappeared in Texas and Florida began to dissipate and open the way to a new government challenge: rebuilding the infinity of homes, schools and roads destroyed by the many landslides and floods.


In only Texas, Hurricane Harvey caused a serious demand for house rebuilding. Now, more or less 200,000 or more homes have to be rebuilt or repaired suddenly.

The number of home damaged related to meteorological phenomena has increased forty to fifty thousands and hundreds of thousands of people had to live in emergency shelters. But for the government, damages from the extraordinary combination of the two states are still incalculable.

And figuring it all out will not be easy. Given the magnitude of this challenge, the US government completed the diagnosis of the damages to begin the rehabilitation process as soon as possible among those affected.

Many months need to struggle assessing damage, follow the federal support and loan application process. Then, people will need to fight for contracting companies who have put already approaching clients on waitlists.

House Construction

In all, there may need years to rebuild their houses for some people, whether they can manage it by any means. It can be right of quite a few victims of Hurricane Harvey, which made shattering damages in Texas and Florida, although less than feared in the beginning.

For any person who needs a home repairing or rebuilding, the continuous hurricanes appear together with a national lack of skilled people such as drywall installers, electricians, carpenters etc. Several construction skilled workers have left the work following the housing disaster some years ago and had not returned.

Some construction contractors out of Florida and Texas are keen or ready to travel to manage home rebuilding. Many companies are already full of work. There are many guides for Texas Hurricane Harvey resources to look around.