The Secrets of Painters: Check Out Tips for Painting the House

With the economic crisis, it is natural for people to save money. But for those who want to give a change in the house, nothing is lost. It is possible to repack the environment without having to spend on labor. That is why we selected some tips to paint the house as if it were professional.


Professional interior house painters nothing prevents consumers from painting their own home alone. It is necessary to use reliable materials based on a script and creativity. The job here is to do quality and price surveys.

1 – Choose the ideal brush or roller. For paints on masonry surfaces use the wool roller, as well as for the wood and metal surfaces, the most suitable is the foam roller.

2 – Do you know the dust that remains after sanding the wall? So it needs to be totally removed with a damp cloth and it is necessary to wait for the complete drying to start the painting.

3 – To paint in masonry, before dipping the roll of wool in the paint, wash it with clean water and remove the excess, leaving it very dry. Always remove excess paint.

4 – Will you use matte paint? The tip here is to apply it from bottom to top by “drawing a letter N”. After that, fill in the blanks. After applying the first coat, wait four hours to apply the second coat.

5 – If you chose glossy or satin finish paint, run the roller down the wall from the bottom. So with the matte inks, it is necessary to wait four hours for a second application.

6 – Avoid touch-ups, especially in glossy or satin finish paints, as they can generate unwanted spots.

7 – After the work done, it is very important to clean the materials used, the tip here is to use lime water for water based products. For solvent-based products, use thinner or turpentine.